Steph (stepharooni) wrote,

what will happen to my hands and other realizations....

What will become of my hands: My hands will inevitably wander around, tapping miscellaneous table tops, constantly searching for something to occupy their attention, they will be entangled in guitar strings a few more times and often they'll be comfortable in disguises of paint and ink and not mind that they are often smudged and uncared for...they'll grow soft like my mothers and instinctively discover what it means to hold and care for something (like small a love)...they'll inevitably know more than I do...and discover more terrain than my feet because feeling is the only way to ever really know anything...they will trail past fence posts and bricks on buildings as I walk down street after street searching for something I don't already know...they'll end up crossed on my chest like everyone elses and I hope there are people left who will remember their touch.

I felt amazing once...I'm going back to that
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