Steph (stepharooni) wrote,

holy crud...if only I had a hammer...

I could seriously kill this kid...somehow he has managed to print 100 or so pages of absolute nonsense and guess what...yeah...he's still printing...mean while everyone else is waiting for all of his shit to spew out of the printer so that we can print actual know, for class...ugh ugh ugh...I need a computer and a printer so I can continue to be a nice person because this crap is making me evil...yes, in if I had a hammer I'd be in trouble right now (evil laughter at the thought of what I would do to baseball hat kid if I had the right tools)...okay, I think my stuff might actually be printing now....nope...same kid, another book...everyone hates him...and yet, he goes on printing...he must know some kind of code to override everyone else's print command...I'm convinced...he's gotten into the system and corrupted it and my stuff will forever be lost somewhere between my computer and the printer....guess hat just left and uh...his stuff is still printing...yeah, he's my favorite person in the entire world!!! I love him really, I might just marry him....ugh...stupid stupid...(laughing) at least this ranting is entertaining me and helping pass the time while stupid kid continues to print even when he's not in the room...yeah, he rules...aaaaaaaagggggghhh..
okay, I'm done now.
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