Steph (stepharooni) wrote,

missing things, missing life, missing you....and the story continues to unfold...

apparently last week I left the open mic and missed everyone singing along to kharma police...too bad i was starving, tired, and had to work the next day...I would have stuck around...
...I have spent the last two hours cramming for a symbolic logic exam and it felt oddly comforting to be doing "normal" school work...okay, so some might call me crazy, but I can't get enough of this stuff, it's like learning another language...
...ran into Daniel today, I was thinking of telling him off for Krista, but I can tell he's in a happy place with Jill so I decided to leave it alone and just enjoy his company in the elevator since I hardly see the kid (although that doesn't mean I've changed my mind...I still think he should marry krista and forget Jill, but he's gotta figure it all out)

hmmm....lots to say but I'll let it swim in my head for now.
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