Steph (stepharooni) wrote,

so maybe I did lose myself, but hopefully I'll find my footprints again soon...

this was in my horoscope today:"You all have to be comfortable if you want to get anything done."...

so...this whole fight between discomfort and insecurity should just be done already so we can comfortably and confidently not be together and that be okay 'cause it just sort of has to be for, problem...

I quit the Gap, which does indeed make me happy, although I'm not sure what this means financially, there's an odd refreshment to not being completely sure how I'm going to pay's nice to feel a bit irresponsible...although, I'm not sure the Gap realizes I'm gone yet...does not showing up two days in a row count as quitting? (yeah...I'm afraid of confrontation...sue me, I'm being rebellious and irresponsible)

I have been losing track of that "I can do anything" persona that I had a really good grip on for a while...I should reapply that confidence to me...and to us...okay,

...if life were that easy, we'd all be happy by now.
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