Steph (stepharooni) wrote,

I'm not afraid anymore...

...remember that classic moment in Home Alone when Kevin wanders out into the street and screams"I'm not afraid anymore" well, that's kind of how I feel right I'm conquering's a nice nice feeling...although that's not to say a creepy guy with a shovel won't send me screaming back into my house at any moment...why I chose Home Alone for this comparison, well, even I don't understand my brain sometimes...
...I wrote a new's pretty...I like it...but I might just keep it for myself and never play it for anyone...we'll see... mom is coming into town for my birthday this weekend, I told her I wanted her to be the first person I get drunk with so that's what we're doing on Saturday night... brother is the coolest person on earth-he went to homecoming in a corduroy suit and red hightops and better yet called me at midnight to tell me how it went...while his girlfriend kept asking who he was talking to...he finally told her to shut up 'cause he was on the phone with his sister (stupid stupid girlfriend...ugh)...
...I have been listening to The Postal Service for the past two's brilliant, it's beautiful, it makes me really happy ...that's all.
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